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Authorities Applaud ‘Bryan White’ Busunju Rehabilitation Project

Deputy Police Commissioners from Kampala Metropolitan region have praised the works being done by Bryan White in Busunju.

This was earlier today when they went to inspect the progress of the ongoing construction site where the city money bag is putting up a rehabilitation center.

“With such facility, one can be able to acquire skills and get fully rehabilitated to start a fresh life more than what he would have got in Luzira,” exclaimed Edris Kyeyune DPC of Kabalagala.

They said the center will help security agencies in reducing crime rate in urban centers.

Bryan White hosted four DPCs who included:  Edris Kyeyune of Kabalagala, Michael Katsigire CPS, Ronald Wotwari Kira Road and Charles Nsaba of Old Kampala.

Under his foundation, Bryan White decided to save and change the lives of the people in Busunju, by setting up a Rehabilitation Center which will have a Technical School and a Demonstration Farm to equip them with skills in their fresh lives.

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