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Daniella Atim Declares Love For Bebe Cool’s ‘Silent Majority’

As the silent political war between singing rivals Bebe Cool’s “Silent Majority” and Bobi Wine’s “People power” rages on, it appears Daniella Atim has already picked a side.

The mother of 5 and wife to legendary singer dr. Jose Chameleone pulled a shocker on Thursday January 10, when she took to social media to make her stance as a supporter of ‘Silent Majority’ known.

Posting a photo of her together with First Lady Janet Museveni, Daniella captioned,
“Silent Majority…tag her if you like.”

The post saw several mixed reactions from different individuals,with ‘People Power’ fans attacking her while she received a vote of thanks from the ‘Silent Majority’ fans for her bravery.

This comes barely a day after Bebe Cool released his ‘Silent Majority’ Merchandise comprising of base ball caps in different colors.

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