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Dorothy Shonga Publicly Serves Husband With Divorce Papers Only Hours To Valentine’s Day

The marriage of the famous socialite couple, Dorothy and Hebert Shonga seems to have hit the rocks for real this time.

After 15 years of marriage, Dorothy has finally decided enough is enough of Hebert’s shenanigans and has served him with divorce papers publicly.

While addressing him in an emotional post on her social media page, Dorothy requested him to sign the papers so as to be free to go on sleeping with his prostitutes.

“Herbert Shonga, just seen your live video where you claimed you refused to sign the divorce papers because they are fake because we got married in Uganda. You forget you are a citizen of Malawi too and you won’t run away from this,” the mother of three posted.

She added heartbreakingly, “For 15 years I have watched you sleep with our house maids, my friends and everyone you came across. I have forgiven you for 15 years thinking you will change, I was wrong.”

Herbert Shonga with Dorothy on their wedding day in December 2016

Dorothy went on to narrate that Hebert thought she was his toy because she always took him back for the sake of their children.

“You will sign those papers, am done and will never look back. Enjoy your prostitutes and new found girlfriends,” she gave him the freedom.

Dorothy also promised that she is going to come and get her cars that she had purchased for him.  It is public knowledge that she is the one who wears the pants in this relationship when it comes to money.

“I am coming for both cars because you drive them in Kampala to show off, doesn’t make u the purchaser. I have seen your prostitutes driving the cars as well, you forgot their genesis,” she assured him.

In conclusion Dorothy wrote, “Enough is enough. You have ashamed me and made me a laughing stock on social media because you can’t keep your pants closed for a second. Sign the papers and you are free to live as a freelancer because you have always told me you prefer being one.”

Hebert Shonga has been linked to thousands of girls ever since the coupe came into the limelight.

Last year he was seen going places with a one Sheila, they took videos publicly on social media together in bed, it is said that he changed religions and his Facebook name from Herbert to Habib for this girl.

However, after social media wars between Sheila and Dorothy, Hebert flew to Malawi where his wife is staying with the children and apologized to which Dorothy took him back after public humiliation.

Just a few days ago, Hebert Shonga was seen unusually getting familiar on social media with singer Sasha Brighton which might have triggered Dorothy’s last nerve.

This though is not the first time Dorothy is asking for a divorce, the couple has been on and off, through social media fights, cheating but has always bounced back;  both swearing that they are inseparable!

It is time to see if Dorothy is as strong as the boss lady Zari to really walk away from a disrespectful marriage at once.


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