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I didn’t Use Drugs To Get High, I used them To Reduce Pain-Jackie Chandiru

Former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru has opened up on her intentions for using the pethidine drug as a pain reliever/killer and not to get high as many people think.

Chandiru who has been in rehab battling with drug addiction, revealed that she primarily used the drug to help her stop her back pains that she started getting after being attacked by thugs at her home, where one hit her on the back. Ever since then, she started getting severe back pains and her doctor prescribed for her pethidine drug.

At a certain point, the doctor, knowing that she would get addicted to the drug, stopped any more prescriptions on the drug, a thing that led her to start using it on her own not until at a point she couldn’t control herself any more.

While appearing on NBS TV’s Katchup program, Chandiru disclosed that she did not at first accept that she was in a worrying state of addiction, only to realize it when in rehab

“I dint actually realize it not until I was in rehab, that’s about after six months that’s when I got to accept that I had a big problem and I needed help, that’s when I started to respond to treatment but minus that I was in rehab about twice and I never accepted that I had a problem but in the end, I accepted for about six months and that’s how my healing started gradually.”

When asked how the drug made her feel, Chandiru responded that it would stop the pain and that she didn’t intend to use it so as to get high as many people think she used it for.

“It would stop the pain but there was that inforior, that peaceful feeling that came with it, it wasn’t exactly getting high because when some people get high, they are hyper all over the place but this was a kind of drug, you know… you just chill, you keep quiet, some body can pass by and usually when your high you are like hey hey but with this ,someone could pass and I was like it’s okay Bro and I had a big problem of insomnia and that drug would help. All those feelings combined, I got addicted to the drug and couldn’t stop myself. Everyone around me knew this problem and all tried to stop me but I could get angry with them telling them that they didn’t know the pain or the reason as to why I was taking the drug. I kept using my back pain as an excuse for taking the drug as I took more and more until I couldn’t hold my self anymore.”

Thanks to her Family, especially her Mom who intervened and took her to rehab. Chandiru has finally healed though not fully but has so far made a musical comeback after recording her song titled ‘Mi Ora Ku’ which literary means ‘don’t worry.’ She also recently  performed at club Amnesia and at Serena hotel during King Saha’s ‘Biri Biri’ concert.



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