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‘I Have No Idea About The Battle With Cindy’-Sheebah Discloses

Before we fully moved on from Apass-Ykee Benda beef, our own ‘king’ and ‘queen’ have decided to also have a go at it, as Sheebah Karungi has finally responded to Cindy’s previous comments that were made insinuating that She (Sheebah), still has a lot to learn when it comes to live stage performance and that she should also have the bravery to battle her.

The comments that went un-responded to, have now evoked a reaction from the ‘swag mama’ herself, calling the fellow singer (Cindy), a salty person, before asking her to acknowledge that God has blessed them with talent and they can both shine and win doing their own thing.

It should be noted that Sheebah has on a number of occasions said little or nothing when asked about her relationship with the ‘ayokyayokya’ hit-maker and keeps it low and professional.

“If she feels the need to battle me, she can consult me or my management but until then, I have no idea about the battle and I respect her as a fellow artist,” Sheebah explained in one of the interviews.

Cindy had also mentioned that Sheebah cannot sing with a live band or instruments as her voice is not that versatile and strong.

We await Cindy’s say on the matter


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