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‘President Museveni Is A Better Singer Than Chameleone’-Balaam Barugahara

Events promoter Balaam Barugahara has praised President Museveni as a better singer than Uganda’s top musicians.

Museveni was last year expected to drop a one track album, which is not the case anymore as he has reportedly had a change of mind and instead embarked on recording new songs to add to the album.

Addressing the media about the album, Balaam said that he was left in awe after listening to the album, adding that President Museveni is a good singer, better than Chameleone.

Balaam added that Museveni’s music talent can be equated to the likes of Kanye West, Phil Collins among others.

The album named ‘Museveni Non-Stop,’ will be comprised of 7 tracks such as ‘Tunyweze Engule’, ‘Twebereremu’ and ‘Mukalakate’ among others.

It is however, not known when the album will be released.

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