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SHOCK: Fans In Kabale Strip Rapper Fik Fameica Naked Again

If there is anyone who can attest to the wrath of the Bakiga, then it has to be singer Walukagga Shafik, popularly known by his stage name Fik Fameica.

Fameica Performing on stage performing before he was undressed by the fans

The rapper who had gone to perform at the MTN Expo, where the giant telecommunication company was celebrating 20 years of its existence and  operations in Uganda over the weekend, at Kabale Municipal stadium in Kabale district, ended up being undressed by the fans.

As usual, Fik Fameica put up an eccentric performance and was cheered on by the thousands of ‘Banyakigezi, ‘ who had turned up to the event.

As Fik performed, he was tempted to go into the crowd, rendering himself vulnerable to the street smart Bakiga fans, who took off with his expensive T-shirt, watch and necklace.

This is not the first time Kabale fans are robbing Fameica clean as Last year, they equally did the same, at the ‘I know’ Concert, where some fans undressed him and took away with everything  including shirt, shoes, watch and stockings, leaving him only with a short.

Well, with those two similar incidences, we strongly believe that, Fameica will have to go well equipped with another set of clothes, if he is to perform in Kabale since it has now become a habit for revelers in Kabale to undress him whenever he performs.

What we are yet to know is that whether that is a sign of love for the artist or something different, but if its love, why would they leave their favorite artist half naked?


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