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Singer Leila Kayondo Celebrates 31st Birthday

Songstress Leila Kayondo known for jams like Osobola,Respek,one moment among others celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday.

Leila through a Facebook post thanked all those that have been supporting her from day one upto where she is now.

Leila Kayondo posted “Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It’s my Birthday, Allah has been my whole. 2018 whatever I have been asking – I have been receiving. Although it’s still being challenged too.

Death has robbed me of a number of loved ones, but I have kept on going knowing that God doesn’t make mistakes. Thank you everyone that kept by my side. I pray for a wonderful 2019 and more. Thank you maama and taata for tolerating crazy me and for loving me, thank you my family and friends.

Thank you, my fans, thank you haters. You are secret admirers. May God keep blessing you for me.”

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