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‘Who hasn’t Dated A Person Without An Ex Or A child? Mind Your Business’ – Sheila Gashumba Blasts Haters

Media personality Sheila Gashumba has barked back at social media shamers and haters after a photo of his new man, God’s plan, with his ex girlfriend and child becoming the talk of town.
“It’s so sad that when celebrities finally date someone and we share our photos on social media, you come up with all sorts of different stories to shame someone. I don’t know why people think am below 18 or probably think I don’t know what I’m doing,” Gashumba posted bitterly.
She added, “Now let me make this clear for those who didn’t get the memo, there is nothing I don’t know about Marcus and there is nothing he doesn’t know about me that a stranger will tell us about.”

Leaked photo of God’s Plan with his ex-Girl Friend and kid

The self proclaimed ‘Lil stunner’ went ahead to assure the bad mind people that the love between her and her man is stronger than anyone’s jealous comments, so they will keep posting photos for them to enjoy or die.
“Ugandans love to be hypocrites all the time, the ones commenting are the same ones flirting and sleeping with their sister or best friend’s boyfriends with no shame whatsoever,” she posted.
She went on to add, “So now are you trying to tell me your stupid gossip girls have never dated a man with an ex or a child. Since you know the answer deep down, I will let you drink water often and mind your business.”
On another serious note, the slim fashionista warned the public against dragging her father into drama as it is disrespectful.
“Please stop dragging my dear father into my personal life okay!! Leave him to continue being my perfect Superman. Is he the first one to have a daughter dating someone, Leave my father to continue being the handsome and most intelligent man that he is,” she ranted.
Social media has been going wild ever since Gashumba posted her new man; the lavish life they live, the expensive gifts they give each other,  the fact that they stay together among others which left everyone having an opinion.
When people start having different opinions they tend to dig deep in someone’s past, this led to the exposure of God’s plan’s ex girlfriend and son hence, causing more ridicule towards the new couple.

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